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Nice to Meet You. 

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As a seasoned digital marketing professional, Katie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. With a passion for social media marketing, website development, and blending aesthetics with functionality, she works closely with clients to create customized solutions that drive traffic, increase engagement, and ultimately achieve their business goals. With a focus on delivering results and a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trend.

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The Full Story

In the heart of the bustling city of Silicon Valley, where dreams and ambitions collided, Katie found herself captivated by the stories of successful founders who had dared to chase their passions. She was inspired by the perseverance of Walt Disney, who faced countless rejections before bringing magic to life, and by the boldness of Steve Jobs, who revolutionized the tech industry with his unwavering vision. As she immersed herself in these tales, an idea began to take shape. Katie realized that there was a common thread among these visionary leaders – they had all faced challenges in marketing their creations while striving to stay true to their passions. Determined to make a difference, Katie embarked on her own entrepreneurial journey after successfully working with over 150+ portfolio companies all striving to make their own mark on this world.


Driven by a deep-rooted belief that every business deserves a chance to flourish, Katie founded KTV Creative as a marketing consulting agency dedicated to helping businesses exponentially grow while narrating each founders story to a mass audience. She understood that entrepreneurs often found themselves overwhelmed by the complexities of marketing while striving to keep the fire of their dreams burning bright. Drawing inspiration from the stories of the great founders before her, Katie made it her mission to guide and support business owners on their path to success.


With unwavering dedication and a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking, KTV Creative became a beacon of hope for countless aspiring entrepreneurs and large established businesses. Katie and her team poured their expertise into crafting personalized marketing strategies, allowing businesses to authentically showcase their offerings and connect with their target audiences. From branding to digital campaigns, KTV Creative provided the support and guidance needed to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape.


As the agency grew, so did the impact of its work. Through KTV Creative, businesses of all sizes found a trusted partner who understood their dreams, their struggles, and their unwavering determination to make a difference. Katie's passion to empower others shone brightly as she witnessed clients reclaim their time and energy, allowing them to focus on what truly mattered – pursuing their passions.


The story of KTV Creative continues to unfold, rooted in the belief that by helping businesses thrive, the world becomes a better place. Inspired by the stories of those who came before her, Katie and her team forge ahead, fueled by the collective dreams of the businesses they support. With every success story, KTV Creative reaffirms its purpose – to be the guiding light for entrepreneurs, empowering them to share their passions with the world and leaving an indelible mark on the business landscape.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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Experience & Education


Director, Marketing Strategies & Operations

Go Paladin Inc. 

As an accomplished professional in the field of marketing, I have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. With a focus on portfolio management, I successfully secured over $60.5 million in funding across 200+ portfolios by the end of Q1 2022. Through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing efforts, I played a pivotal role in securing unrestricted grants of over $700k from major corporations, increasing visibility for underrepresented entrepreneurs by 35%. By implementing effective branding strategies and website restructuring, I drove a 44% increase in B2C leads and a 30% boost in SEO traffic within the first 90 days. Additionally, I excelled in conducting market research, analyzing seed-stage startups, and optimizing opportunity identification processes for venture capital firms, resulting in a 15% improvement. I am skilled in team management, having successfully interviewed, hired, and trained a team of 15 employees. Through effective negotiation and vendor management, I facilitated the organization of five annual events with attendance exceeding 1,000 participants per event. Furthermore, I possess a strong aptitude for overseeing corporate identity, media, PR, and rebranding initiatives to drive success for clients.



Trend Trade App

I embarked on an inspiring journey, starting from a simple concept and transforming it into a fully developed and functional application. Fueled by a vision and a passion for innovation,I worked through the stages of ideation, market research, and strategic planning. Armed with a deep understanding of user needs and market trends, I assembled a talented team of developers and designers to bring my vision to life. With unwavering determination, countless hours of hard work, and meticulous attention to detail, I led the development process, overseeing every aspect of the app's design, functionality, and user experience. Through this dedication, I transformed the initial idea into a fully functional app that is poised to make a meaningful impact in the lives of its users.


Global Social Benefit Fellow
Cycle Connect, Uganda 

As a Global Social Benefit Fellow, I had the unique opportunity to work directly with our social enterprise partner, collaborating on projects aimed at creating sustainable social impact in Uganda. My responsibilities included conducting market research, analyzing social and economic trends, and providing strategic recommendations to enhance the organization's operations and scalability. I contributed to the development and implementation of innovative solutions to address social challenges, working closely with local stakeholders and community members. I hold a deep commitment to social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. This is a remarkable opportunity to make a meaningful difference and contribute to positive change in Uganda while gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field of social enterprise.

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